IPhone 8 render leaks in Copper; Concepts show elegant design

Don't expect this kind of functionality

For the past few years we've expected Apple to put an OLED screen in the iPhone, and now the Sharp CEO, Jeng-wu Tai, has pretty much confirmed the iPhone 8 (7s) will have one. The team from Cupertino obviously has plenty of prototypes and backup plans in place, so, come September, we are fairly certain we will see three iPhones announced, whether or not one will launch a bit later than the others.

In the video, Winget compares the iPhone 7s plus alongside the alleged iPhone 8 dummy unit. It's unclear whether Samsung Display will be utilizing the larger of these two panels for the iPhone 8 (with cuts), or some new device. While being able to register multiple figures is logical for a fingerprint scanner-based Touch ID system in the previous and current iPhones, for using both hands and multiple fingers in different context for unlocking the handset, the same can not be said of faces for a single-user phone such as an iPhone. In any case, expect to see thinner bezels.

Given the treasure trove of information found within the HomePod firmware, perhaps the most telling sign is the lack of reveals related to Touch ID. The device's front and back is all black, except the engravings on the rear of the device. Other notable features in the upcoming iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 include a stainless steel finish on the sides and a dual-camera on the back side. Apple's quarterly revenue was up 7.2% compared to the same quarter a year ago. The phone will be water resistant and dust resistant too. This feature will be present on the iPhone 8 as well, but will probably require the purchase of an additional accessory (the wireless charging pad) which may not even be available when the handsets go on sale. Finally, Morgan Stanley increased their target price on Apple from $177.00 to $182.00 and gave the stock an "overweight" rating in a report on Monday, July 17th. With such a tiny supply, getting your hands on an iPhone 8 will be next to impossible for most buyers.

The highly anticipated iPhone 8 is Apple's tenth anniversary smartphone that's set to incorporate new features that have never been included on previous models. 3D sensing laser components would be a part of the phone's camera, hinting that AR is definitely a major part of the phone's appeal. HDR capture is also referenced in the firmware as "ModernHDR", but it's not clear what exactly that means.

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