A political earthquake is rocking Saudi Arabia's pillars of princely power

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Saudi Arabia says its archrival Iran may have committed an "act of war" when Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen fired a missile at Riyadh.

The front-page headline ran on Monday, two days after the missile fired by the Houthis was intercepted near Riyadh's international airport.

The anti-corruption campaign is likely to be very popular with younger Saudis frustrated by stagnating economic opportunities, but it threatens much of the country's business, political and social establishment.

As an initial response to the missile attack, the Saudi-led coalition announced on Sunday that it had closed the air, land and sea ports in Yemen.

Prince Mohammed received a phone call from British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson who condemned the Houthi missile launch.

Colonel Aziz Rashed, an army spokesman with a unit allied with the Houthis, warned travellers and travel agencies to stay away from Saudi and Emirati airports as they are considered "legitimate targets".

Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a regional "Cold War"; a battle for influence and power, BBC analyzes.

"All parties to the conflict must allow and facilitate safe, rapid, unhindered humanitarian access to all people in need, through all ports and airports", Dujarric told reporters at UN headquarters in New York.

The United Nations on Tuesday demanded that Saudi Arabia drop its newly tightened blockade on Yemen's borders, Deutche Welle writes.

As of Saturday, the World Health Organization was reporting that more than 900,000 suspected cases of cholera have been reported since late April in Yemen, where years of war and privation have debilitated the infrastructure and medical system.

But declining stocks outnumbered gainers by 150 to 32 - even though Brent oil jumped to a more than two-year high of $64.44 a barrel overnight, an event that would normally have delighted Saudi investors.

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia is in a quagmire, unable to defeat the Houthi rebels. The most powerful nation in the region commanding the loyalty of most Sunni rulers thanks to its superior money and muslce power as also due to the historic fact as the seat of Islam's most revered shrines is bound to suffer internal strife since those deposed too have vast reservoirs of support among various tribes and sections of the House of Saud.

Riyadh is blaming Hezbollah for "hijacking" Lebanese politics, but they are also widening blame to Lebanon as a whole, saying it too has declared war on the Kingdom. While this turmoil has put his country into political struggles, he has secured the support of US president Donald Trump, who yesterday wrote on his Twitter handle that he has "great confidence" in the Saudi king and prince. Many investors fear people caught in the purge could eventually be forced to sell off large equity holdings.

A UN official told The Associated Press that aid flights were cancelled, and said the UN was seeking "to resolve the issue as soon as possible".

A Saudi-led military coalition went to war with the Houthi rebels in March 2015 after they seized the capital, Sanaa.

In ancient Rome, rulers used corruption charges to eliminate enemies.

The Saudi state's existing preference for $70 oil (even at the risk of reviving U.S. shale production) rather than $50 oil (and risk a return to austerity) will become more pronounced. The allegations are unfounded because, basically, the Islamic Republic does not have access to Yemen to transfer such missiles, he added, reported Tasnim.

Saudi Arabia has practised a form of collective leadership since the death of the founder King Abdulazziz in 1953 and especially since the abdication of his son King Saud in 1964.

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